Co-curriculum activities as a part of Education

Co-curriculum activities as a part of Education

Education and co-curricular activities are correlated or we can say are directly proportional. Excessive loads or pressure of education can cause stress in students’ lives. There are various co-curricular activities which are now being practised or rather implemented in all schools, colleges and institutions. The most common list of co-curriculum activities are as follows:

1) Playing various sports or rather engaging students in various sports like cricket, football, table tennis etc.

2) Doing social activities like gardening, cleaning school premises.

3) Collection of funds for the Red Cross society was a very common co-curriculum activity among the school students.

4) Collection of funds for thalassemia welfare society was also a very common co-curriculum activity among the school students. Doing various campaigns by engaging in various education fares where live demonstration of the school was given for upcoming admissions and uplift the reputation of the school.

5) Arranging and participation in various cultural programmes and socially useful public welfare programmes.

6) Providing food, clothing and shelter on behalf of the school to various areas to the mass affected by natural calamities like flood, storm etc.

7) Doing society welfare programmes by engaging physically disabled students in various activities like games, handicrafts etc and then giving them rewards for their performance and also motivating them for their career and life growth.

8) Doing various excursions and workshops with students so that they can learn something new and will also help them in the development of their innovative skills.

9)Also to add nowadays schools are celebrating domestic pet week where the street dogs and other domestic animals like cow, cats etc are feeding the school.

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