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Colleges are always overburdened with the pressure of student management of different sessions over various departments. In addition, colleges have to take care of fees payment at different times of the year online and offline. College students do not have to worry about their notes and daily class activities once the college starts using the College App Bidyaaly. Students stay updated with instant notifications from college via push notification.


Attendance Tracker:
Tracking the attendance of college students and calculating their attendance percentage has always been a tedious job. Bidyaaly, the attendance management app, helps to keep a record of the current attendance and past record also class wise student wise with several other filter options.


Classroom Activity:
The Education Institute App provides options to the faculty members to add their daily Classroom activities along with notes as attachments. They are allowed to upload files supporting their lectures and can also schedule Assignments. Absentees can also access the details of their missed classes. Students can view the class notes and can download the corresponding lecture files which are uploaded by the respective faculties.


Instant Notice:
Once College has something important to announce it can do it easily through this College App. Students no longer will have to come to the college each time to gather important information. And there is no more chance of missing out on any important notice.


Online Fees Payment:
With the advancement of technology, people don’t prefer carrying hard cash with them rather they are accustomed to e-payment. This App offers the option of online fees payment also.


Time Table:
An online and ready available Time table is available for Faculty members and students both. On the other side, the College authority gets a well-organized system for managing the time table over the sessions.

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