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We can’t expect toddlers to tell everything to the parents about the happenings at school correctly. Hence there is always a communication gap between the parents and the teacher. It is where Bidyaaly, the Play School App comes into play. The App for kids bridges the communication gap between the school and the parents.

Online Diary:

The Play School App Bidyaaly offers a digital Diary to the teachers. They can use the student diary feature to send msg to parents or leave comments, notification, announcements related to that student or a group of students.

Instant Notice:

Once the Play School has something important to announce it can do it easily through this Play School App. Parents of the kids no longer will have to come to the college each time to gather important information. And there is no more chance of missing out on any important notice.

Class Activities Details:

Parents can browse through dates and click on the class to view the class activity and download files that are uploaded by the respective class teachers. These actions can be done not only for the current date but also for the previous dates.

Switching Between Students:

The school app provides an option for the parents to switch between their children in case they have more than one child admitted to that particular school. This option can opt at any point in time as long as the parent is logged in the system.

Parent Feedback:

Parents can give active feedback about happenings, child’s progress, and other activities to the teachers via email. This is one of the unique features of the Play School App.

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