Education in changing times

Education in ancient India was identified with the Gurukul System. Since then our education system evolved over the years and kept its focus on the comprehensive development of children by nurturing their inner and outer selves. These Hindu schools of the olden days were residential in nature. Here the students or the “Sishya” use to stay with the Guru in the same house. All students used to stay together irrespective of their social status. The same lesson was taught to all. These lessons included Moral, physical, spiritual, and of course intellectual aspects of life. Since then India has a well-established education system. At that time there was no recorded medium to store the lessons taught. Everything was taught verbally and knowledge was passed from Gurus to Shishyas directly. With time it has evolved a lot.

After the Gurukul system came the “Pathsalas”. These were non-residential. Students used to visit schools to grab knowledge. Gradually with time Schools emerged, then colleges and universities for higher education. And nowadays the concept of preschools or playschools has come to play. These are meant for imparting education to toddlers or rather these are meant to make them social as how to mix with people, make friends, how to communicate with people, etc. It’s where they spend their time with fun and games. They are engaged here with different games and activities which nurture their intellect.


Next comes the Schools. In recent days, it’s getting into the trend to adopt technology to educate students. Students were given education via presentations and slides notes and also via computer and a system of the quarterly and annual exams came into existence to assess the student’s level of understanding and adaptability. And recently when we as a whole community and economy are going through an age of digitalization there comes the digital media to educate students in the school. Internet played a vital role and also android and ios platform comes with many innovative applications to accomplish the same as many education apps and platform were launched where students can now not only take lectures online but also this apps give the facilities to save and record lectures for future revision and also there are provisions where if a student is having any query or requires any clarification of any doubts he can share the same during the sessions as these apps both audio and visual facilities and not only these but now the school management as well as the parents can have a track of their child and students as in these online platform the various assignments are given online to students and so their progress over the same can be tracked and followed up and not only this but nowadays in these era of digital education the exams are being taken online where the assessment of a student or results are getting generated immediately and even the students can also check that what mistakes they have made and what are their development areas.

Be it the ancient times or the modern world the purpose and way of educating people to remain the same. What changes is the medium?

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