Good Learning Habits

A few good learning Habits which will help your child to succeed in the new Academic year:

Create a well-organized learning plan: Planning is the most important thing in every phase of life. Once the planning is right the work gets a step ahead towards success. Right from childhood, a student should build a habit of doing planned work, this will help him/her not only to finish the work on time but also to do it with perfection.

Routine work: Students should build up a daily routine for study and always fix the study hours of a day. This will help to build a habit within the student to regularize the activity of learning and hence will make him/her more sincere.

Complete awareness about the Assessment: One should always be aware of the assessment and grading system so that they can be prepared accordingly and achieve higher grades with deep learning. Grades play a key role in future studies.

Read and Write Simultaneously: Children should build up a habit of reading and write simultaneously. Once they read a portion of a chapter and then immediately after this try to note down the important points of that particular portion they can remember the studied areas for longer than usual. This also helps in gaining the speed of writing.

Repeated Revisions: Revision is another key element of good learning. The more you revise the better it sits in your brain and hence leads to better understanding. A better-understood thing stays longer in the brain than less understood things.

Being a good listener: Active listening contributes a lot to good learning. When an individual listens to a lecture or anything with full concentration then it’s captured by the brain faster and stays in the memory for longer. If a student listens properly to the lecture provided by the teacher then half of the work is done there itself. He/she can prepare the lesson in less time and with less effort.

Focus and concentration: Whatever is read if it’s read with proper concentration and focus then it’s memorized much faster without wasting time on going through the same thing over and over again. So children from the very beginning should learn to concentrate and focus on things which they are reading, listening or watching to.

Reading books outside the curriculum: Children should be encouraged to read books outside their school curriculum such as storybooks, comics, magazines, etc. This will inculcate in them the interest of reading. This way they will be able to gain concentration and focus.

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