Parents involvement leads to better child success

It has been proven over the years that the more the involvement of parents in their children’s educational activities more is the success rate of the students. There are many reasons for this fact:

1. Parental Dependency:

Since birth, a child starts believing in his/her parents the most. Parents are the first mentor of a child. The child starts learning every small and large fact of day to day life from the parents and eventually parents become the best teacher for a child and the child believes the patents the most. So when a student of any age learns anything from a father or a mother it creates a lifetime impact in the child’s career.

2. Improved Behaviour:

Kids tend to develop better social skills and bettered behavior when their parents actively participate in school activities. Research shows that kids are less willing to skip school, more attentive in class, and more likely to do their homework when their parents get involved.

3. Improved education:

When the parents associate themselves in their wards’ school activities then the teachers also understand their consciousness about their child’s well being and gain the respect of teachers. This results in higher attentiveness of teachers toward their children. Involvement pays off in the long term, too. Increased attention motivates students to stay in school longer and are more likely to indulge themselves in education after high school.

4. Growth of confidence:

Supported at home and school, help students to develop more positive attitudes about school, have increased self-confidence, and give a higher priority on academic achievement. Research proves that students of involved parents feel more accepted, included, and respected at school which leads to better academic attachment and hence success.

5. A better understanding of a child’s academic likings:

The more the parents are involved in the child’s education, the easier it is to get a clear picture of the child’s liking of subjects. This helps the parents in guiding their children better for future academics. They can help their children to choose subjects or stream better for higher education.

It doesn’t take much to get involved. The involvement of an hour or two a day with your children can give them a more successful career.

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