Preparing for competitive examinations

Students prepare themselves for many competitive examinations after completing their schools or after completing their college studies to opt for higher studies in several varied areas. These exams are conducted as entrance exams in the Top notch institutes mostly for Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees at the national or sometimes international level. The main intention of these exams is to pick the aspiring, righteous, and motivated candidates for different UG and PG programs at the national/ international level.

Here are some of the Tips and Tricks to Crack these exams:

The primary preparation is from the school or college syllabus. The main Tip or Trick regarding time for preparation is never fixed. The earlier you start preparing the more you gain. Have a goal in your mind and stick to it. Have a clear picture of the syllabus of the exam you are preparing for. Point out where it matches with your school or college syllabus and hence take deep preparation from then only.

Although the competitive exams cover much of the board exam syllabus then also classroom studies may often be not enough for the aspirants. An additional guide or mentor is required. A good coaching center may prove to be an appropriate guide.
These exams are more of conceptual analysis and problem solving hence students should focus on solving more question papers rather than only memorizing theories.

For the preparation of competitive exams, students should plan for every month. Students should also have a proper plan to excel in the exam. Students need to collect the complete syllabus with all the relevant study materials. Previous year’s question papers should be analyzed and should be seen through to note the weightage of different topics and hence preparation for the higher weightage topics should be made.

Students should follow a consistent study pattern. They should allocate fixed study timing every day. Make it a habit to write short notes and note down theories and formulas. Keep revising the covered topics as many times as possible. The more you revise the more you gain confidence over the topic.

In most of these exams, General Aptitude or General Ability plays a very important role. So this should be practiced every day.
Practicing Mock tests also contributes a lot. This helps you to become organized in solving papers and builds a good time management ability. One should understand the questions well and recollect the topics on which these questions are asked. Go for online mock test series where the students can accommodate online patterns and can assess the areas where they are strong and weak and hence can work for betterment. Practicing with various papers can give one good practice and can keep the students’ minds fresh with concepts and theories.

It is always advisable to keep the last 30 days for revision of all the topics. Make use of the short notes prepared and revise the subject. Students have the option to get solved question papers, e-books, notes online. Not only limited to these, students have the opportunity to watch online classes, video tutorials and can also attend the virtual classes provided by different coaching institutes. Students can also join online discussions and forums to clear their doubts.

Follow these tips to make yourself strong in each and every subject. Keep yourself calm and do your best. The day before the exam is a crucial one and one should be relaxed and keep the mind fresh. Be focused and you will be able to crack the exam.

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