Things your child can learn while at home

We are not very accustomed to the term or rather the situation of Lockdown. It is that phase when every person irrespective of their age feels depressed mentally and also feels low health-wise. But the age group affected the most is the children. All the time around the clock they have to stay locked up at home. They can’t go out, meet friends, play with them, or even they can’t go to school. This time the parents can keep them engaged by teaching many things that will help them to build a better future.

Doing physical exercise daily: Doing some physical activity daily will engage them for some time every day. Not only this, doing physical activities will help them to build a good physique and will help in developing good Mental health.

Self Sanitization: Teach your child about self-hygiene. How to keep oneself clean and tidy, what are the precautionary measures that should be taken while going out? How to keep their living area clean and hygienic as it’s very much related to self-hygiene. Also teach them the proper way of washing their hands, taking bath and how to clean their clothes.

Arranging own things: This is the time when you can teach your child to arrange his/her own belongings and keep them in the proper place so that they can find them out easily at the time of need. This will make them organized in the future.

Reading storybooks: Books have always been best friends. They are not only a source of knowledge but also a source of spending quality time. Reading books helps to enhance vocabulary and improve concentration.

Helping parents in household work: When children grow up we often find parents complaining that their children are not at all ready to help them in household work. This is because we don’t teach them to do all these at an early age. If you teach them to do these from the very beginning they will learn to be independent in life. In the future, if they need to stay out of the house for higher studies, jobs, or anything else then they can easily manage their work.

Follow these tips to overcome the boredom of your child at the time of Lockdown.

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