Mobile App for Parent

Keeping track of children's progress from home.

Parents can sign up on the system via validating their mobile number via OTP.
Once parents are in the system, their linked student/students appear on their panel. The parent gets into his child’s sphere immediately when he/she has a single child admitted in that particular school. In case more that one child is admitted for a parent in that specific school, he/she has the option to choose any one of them to get into that specific student’s section.
Parents also have the option for change password, forget the password, edit profile, dashboard, etc.

Switching between students:
The school app provides an option to the parents to switch between their children in case they have more than one child admitted in that particular school. This option can be opted at any point of time as long as the parent is logged in the system.

The school app dashboard shows all the details which include child’s image, and some summery like school name, class, section, roll no, etc. and some feature icons to access most frequently used features like attendance, class activity, etc. Parents can easily navigate to their desired area.

View Time Table:
Parents can view the timetable for the selected students’ class along with the section for that particular academic year.

View Daily Activity:
Parents can browse through dates and click on the class to view the class activity and download files which are uploaded by the respective class teachers. These actions can be done not only for the current date but also for the previous dates.

View Notices:
Once the school using the School App Bidyaaly, issues a notice for the parents, the parents on the notice tab, can actually see and download the files (if any) attached to that particular notice. This discards the chances of parents missing any vital information from the school end as it acts as a school notice app also..

View Syllabus:
Parents can view and download syllabus related to the selected student.

View School Info:
Parents registered with the school app can have all school and office related information on the Mobile phone itself leaving out the headache of running to the school physically every now and then.

View Fees Structure:
Based on the student selected, the parents can view the fees structure set for that student.

Fees Payment:
Parents can choose to pay the fees set by the school, parents will be taken to payment gateway and will pay the fees. Upon payment school, parent both will receive payment notification details as school fees payment app. Parents can also view past payments and can download pdf payment receipt.

Student Diary:
Bidyaaly is also a reliable School Diary App. The Diary written for a particular student will be visible to the respective parent. Parents can also reply to this diary entry and can also compose some other Diary notes on a different subject. They can also view the diary entry and browse through the past entries.

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