Educational Institute App Features

Bidyaaly, Education Community app comes with a unique set of features to ease the work of Institutes, Teachers and Parents

Daily Activity

The school/institute app provides options to the teachers to add their Daily Class activity not only of the current date but also of previous dates. They are allowed to upload files supporting their class lectures and can also give Homework and Assignment. With this action of the teachers, the parents or other users of the app will get all the details of the Class Activity happening in the class. Users can view the class notes and can download the corresponding lecture files which are uploaded by the respective class teachers with bidyaaly, parent teacher communication app

SMS Alert

With the use of this efficient learning App, parents get an instant alert of their children’s absence in the class. The app helps to manage student’s Attendance better. A teacher takes the attendance by just tapping on the names or the roll numbers of the students with the help of Bidyaaly, Parent teacher communication app. Once the learning assistance App finds out one to be absent it sends a SMS to the respective parent or user. This keeps parents and users aware of the student’s absence in the school for that day.

Attendance Tracking

As Bidyaaly can be used as a student attendance app, keeping a track of attendance of students has become much easier. Whether a teacher or a parent and of course the school, college or any other institute can track the attendance of a particular student at any point of time within any date range of that precise session. The Attendance app is capable of showing name wise, class wise, month wise and date wise data which is beneficial for all, the parents and the teachers, this acts as parent teacher Communication app.

Virtual Class

Education is a continuous process. Why pause it for not being able to be physically present. We bring to you a premium solution in the form of Virtual classes in the school app bidyaaly. Learn from anywhere with interactive video classes. Online class, which is the need of the hour is now available within the School Communication App Bidyaaly.

Online Fees Payment

Today, people don’t prefer carrying hard cash with them rather they are accustomed to e-payment. This App can also be used as an online fee payment app, as it offers the option of online payment to the parents and other users.

Online Diary Note

We are all familiar with the term school Diary from our School days. Any important note, any Complain, emergency notice we all use to refer to the School Diary. All these facilities are now available at the fingertips, digitally within Bidyaaly as a school diary app. A teacher-parent connection is now much better with this instant digital Diary system.

Digital Notice Board

Once an Institute has something important to announce to teachers, students or parents, it can do it easily through the App. Parents or students no longer will have to come to the institute physically to gather important information. And there is no more chance of an educational organization’s missing out any parent or user for an important notice with the help of Bidyaaly, institute notice app.

Teacher’s Activity Report

One of the most efficient school college communication app Bidyaaly is capable of generating teachers’ activity reports. What all activities like classwork, homework, etc the teachers are performing with respect to their schedule the App will generate a detailed report on these. This can help the management of the organization to assess teachers’ performance better.

Student Report

Along with the teachers’ activity report institute can also generate a summarized report of the students’ Attendance and Diary. Based on which the educational organization can take necessary action for the required students whenever necessary.

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