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Education in Pandemic Situation

We all are aware that education plays a vital role in our life as through education. we learn not only the basics of our life but also groom ourselves, equipped ourselves in every possible manner so that we can gain a thorough knowledge of the field whatever we choose maybe it management, IT, etc where after gaining knowledge through education we can implement the same and add to the society through our experience but also add value to our life by giving ourselves as well as our family members a good life and a good career to ourselves.


Now as we all are aware that there is a sudden break of COVID-19 which is also declared as a pandemic situation have totally changed the lifestyle of us as now we are in a social distancing mode and we have been advised also to stay at home and maintain social distancing so as to keep ourselves safe from these pandemic diseases. Now in this situation education industry have also been changed as now it is not possible for any school, colleges or institutions to operate themselves like past methods where students used to visit these places to gain an education but rather today education industry need to come up with various methods and techniques and differential approach for imparting education to students as education is important and necessary in our life and this situation we can term as new normal life as we need to survive and make ourselves accustomed with this pandemic situation. So in this scenario first of all the education industry needs to educate everyone about this disease to spread awareness so that students can understand the sane and also guide them with the safety and precautionary measures to protect themselves from this deadly illness. Hence the school needs to develop themselves with remote learning techniques and distance education over online so as one can study from home and also all the queries should be resolved in online mode only. 


As now in this pandemic situation, we are left with only one choice which is digital media. So in conclusion we can say that in this situation education industry also need to develop themselves rapidly and accustomed with these online techniques of learning and can also say that it will be not difficult as now there are many supporting applications also through which we can impart education to our students as it, not only facilities learning but also give live classes more opportunities to freelancing teachers, recording mode for study later, group study, examination and results, and analysis and many more features to be counted. So this is our new era or age of learning which every school, colleges, and institutions must implement effectively and efficiently.

Good upbringing of a child

In today’s scenario, one of the burning topics is the good upbringing of a child by his/her parents. This is one of the most essential and necessary things in a child’s life as it totally decides the future of the child and also how the child is going to bring impact to society. There are several steps which a parent must follow for the good upbringing of their child which are as follows:

Environment – It is really necessary for a parent to give their child a very neat and clean and healthy environment while growing up.

Habits – A parent must enrich or rather equip their child with good habits while upbringing as it will help them to learn good habits and be good people in the future. Some of the good habits include early wake-up, brushing of teeth, etc.

Manners – A parent while upbringing their child must enrich them with good manners as manners is a thing with which a human being grows and is very vital as it decides how much social and acceptable that person will be in the society he/she grows.

e-learningEducation – This is the most important thing a parent must impart to his child as through education a child not only develops the subjective knowledge but it is the tool when equipped to let a person know what is right or wrong and what direction they will walk so that he can become a successful person in life.

Society – This is another essential tool which a parent always emphasize while upbringing their child as the society where their child is growing up impart various learning, habits to the child and the task of the parents here is to filter the good things from there and impart in the child which will help as we know that there are both good and bad aspects but we need to filter the good and inject it for our well being.

Adjustability – This is a very essential tool which a parent must follow and emphasis while upbringing their child as a child must know to adjust them in every situation in life as life is no bed of roses but rather there will be many difficulties and obstacles and a person needs to adjust themselves in every possible way and continue the growing process.

These are some of the areas which are most essential and necessary and which every parent must emphasize and impart in their children for a good upbringing.

Need for Education

Education is always an important aspect and is very useful in everybody’s life. Education is what differentiates us from other living things on earth. It makes man the smartest on earth. It equips humans and gets them ready to face challenges of life efficiently. It’s a very common saying, education still remains a luxury and not a necessity in our country. The awareness about the necessity of literacy needs to be spread throughout the country and it should be made accessible to the common mass irrespective of race, religion, gender, economic background. But, this is not all. It still remains incomplete unless the importance of being educated is analyzed. Once people start realizing the significance of education, they will accept it as a necessity of a good life.

Education is the most significant tool which can eliminate poverty and unemployment. Moreover, it plays an important role in enhancing the commercial scenario and aids the profit of the country as a whole. So, the better the level of education in a country, the higher the chances of development are.

Adding to this, education also helps an individual in different ways. It helps an individual to make a better and composed decision utilizing their knowledge. This increases the success rate of an individual in life.

Subsequently, education plays a vital role in providing a better lifestyle. It opens several different career opportunities that can enhance our quality of living.

Also, education helps in making a person independent. When a person gets educated enough, he/she won’t have to depend on anyone else for their livelihood. He/She will be self-sufficient to earn for oneself and lead a good life.

Above all, education also increases the self-confidence of a person and makes him certain of every small and big thing in life. When we speak from the country’s viewpoint, then also education plays an eminent role. Educated people can vote for the better or rather more suitable candidate for the country. This, in turn, ensures the development and better growth of a nation.

Doorway to Success:
Education is always your first step towards success. It serves as the key which unlocks numerous doors of opportunities that eventually leads to success. This will, in turn, help one build a better life for oneself.

A well-educated person will never run out of job opportunities. Literate people have opportunities waiting for them on the other side of the door. They get the option to choose from a variety of options and not be forced to do something they dislike. Very importantly, education imparts a positive perception. It helps us in choosing the right path, taking right decisions and looking at things from various points of views rather than sticking to just one or blindly believing in someone.

Education contributes a lot towards enhancing your productivity and completing a task better in comparison to an uneducated person. However, one must always be aware of the fact that education solely does not ensure success. Humanity, improved understanding, Hard work are also contributors.

It becomes a doorway to success which requires hard work, dedication and much more after which can you open it successfully. A combination of all these things together will make you successful in life.

In conclusion, proper education helps to make you a better person by imparting various skills. It broadens your mind, enhances your intellect and the ability to make rational decisions. It contributes to the individual growth of a person.

As a result of all these enhancements, education improves the economic growth of a nation which in turn aids in building a better society for the citizens of a country. It helps in demolishing the darkness of ignorance and enlightens the world.

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