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4 Important Steps to Selecting a School for Your Child.

Providing top-quality education to our children remains our main priority as a parent. So choosing the school for a child is a major step for your child’s future. With the rapidly growing number of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools all around us, how do you choose the one that best fits the specific needs of your child?

These are the main factors when selecting a school for your child.

1. Distance from Home

When choosing a school for your child, the main priority is to find a school from the near proximity of your residence.

This becomes necessary from a security perspective and to stop your kid from suffering the recurrent discomfort of a journey to and from his/her faculty each day.

You have got to think about your child’s comfort and make sure that the school is close enough for you to achieve within the shortest time whenever required as an accountable parent.

    2. Academics, Curriculum and Extra-Curricular Activities

What a child learns and experiences in his/her early years stays with them for all times. Ensuring the school meets the best standards of excellence in terms of its lecturers, teaching methodology, tutorial information and ethical standards ought to be your biggest priority.

Extra-curricular activities like outside games, team sports, art & craft, hobby concepts, education, dance together play a huge role in shaping a child’s overall growth.

They can add an additional come near your child’s capability for learning and additionally sharpen his/her intellectual skills. Hence the existence of the proper facilities and trained employees to facilitate this facet of your child’s education is equally necessary.

 3. School Payment Fees

In 2019, most of the parents think that enrolling their children only in the most expensive private/international schools – assuming they are the best, courtesy their unreasonably high fees and an impressive array of hi-tech facilities.

Instead, you need to focus on whether you are getting full value for the money you are paying in terms of quality, safety, facilities, extra-curricular activities and the assurance that the all-round development of your child is being taken care of in the best way possible.

The school which has an online payment facility also has the sure benefit in this day and age. It allows parents for cashless payments of school fees through cards on mobile phones over the internet. It very convenient compared to traditional payment methods including the total cost and time savings. It also eliminates the security risks that come with handling cash money.

  4. School Environment and Safety of the Child

Safety in school permits kids to seem forward to being in good environment, promoting social learning. If by any probability, their safety isn’t met, kids are at constant risk and can stop showing up. Promoting school safety creates an open space for kids to learn and explore many new things.

Students of all ages need a secure learning setting for his or her higher education and development. Research continues to illustrate children who feel unsafe at school perform worse academically and are more at risk of getting indulged in drugs. Also notifying the parents comes in handy as it gets rid of missing any vital info from the school.


Selecting the proper school for your kid will be a troublesome, discouraging call.

While the standard of education remains the utmost criterion, the chance to develop your child’s inventive, physical and social skills is a key attribute that has equal importance.

Does your school really need an app?

We live in a world where our mobile devices are an integral part of life. And when it comes to our phones, most of us find ourselves use apps in order to communicate, consume information and more.

A school is a whole new world that revolves around parents, teachers, and students. Schools, from preschool to high schools and even colleges, are starting to get in on the app trend, giving students, teachers, parents, and administrators an easier way to communicate and stay in touch.

But what do school apps really need for everyone who uses them? Below check a list of the 4 things that every school app should include.

1. Reduction of Paperwork and Attendance Management

A school app is a significant way to reduce a teacher’s work as it is the way a teacher can mark attendance in less than a minute with an app.

Also, parents can directly send in the leave applications through the school app. The students who are on leave appear as ‘on-leave’ in the app while marking attendance and the teacher does not have to think twice about that student. This largely reduces a teacher’s time and efforts. The Purpose of School apps not only connects parents and teachers but also manage attendance.

A push notification can be sent via the app to inform parents about their child’s whereabouts. This further ensures that each student is safe and secure.

2. Urgent alert system.

Any school app should also have an alert system for emergencies. From normal alerts to more emergency alerts, it’s important to ensure that parents, students and other people in the community are updated immediately.

Parents, teachers, students, and also administrators stay informed about any school closures or emergencies as they happen, they can also receive instructions on what to do next.

3. Collection of Fees

Nowadays parents are accustomed to payment through the help of e-payment instead of hard cash. Managing and collecting Fees through the help of a school app provides the ultimate solution to schools to automate their fees scheduling, collection & reporting process. Integrating Fees payment with the help of school app makes hassle-free work and makes school fees management very easy.

4. Communication between parent and teacher.

What is the most important thing for any school app is to include?

Contact information, a way for users to communicate with relevant people within the school. Make sure contact information, both for individuals and departments, is accurate and easy to find. You want the active engagement to be the main purpose of your app, after all. You should also include features that allow users to send messages directly to the school and staff through the app.

Increase of Transparency with School Management App

Faced with the current challenges of management of schools, management software becomes unavoidable. School leaders today face major management challenges, from strategic management to the management of daily school activities.

School management is a tedious and multifaceted job for school administrations. The amount of information and details to deal with on a daily basis is constantly increasing. The school management software was created with the aim of providing a viable solution to such management challenges. Let’s see what exactly it is and what can be the added value of such a management solution on the functioning and development of a school. The school app happens to be the perfect option and solution there.

School management software, what is it exactly?

School management software with also works as a teacher app in part, is a tool capable of managing all the education and business processes of a school from admission to school management in all its details. It contributes to the storage, processing and numerical analysis of all information and facilitates its recovery. It is therefore a system instrument that assists school administrators to optimally manage day-to-day operations such as enrollment management, tuition collection and collection, exam management and grades. Exams, assessments, homework, notifications thanks to several interconnected and integrated modules.

School management software manages at least the following processes:

School management systems can manage other processes. In some countries it is obligatory according to the laws in force for each school to have a reliable system of school management.

There is a difference between a school management system (SMS) and a learning management system (LMS). To understand the difference, read our article: Which system to choose for the management of the school, and how?

The following list of what a successful School Management Software can do is not exhaustive:

Why use a school management software package?

Supervision and management of school activities are considered complex tasks to be implemented optimally. Each department / service must be managed to ensure not only its proper functioning but also its optimal functioning.

Out of all school processes, repetitive and administrative tasks require appropriate attention in the management of the school. Every day, the administration faces many types of challenges. There are different types of tools and techniques available that can significantly help to manage school processes more effectively, part of which is school management software.

A good school management tool can make your life easier, dramatically reduce processing time, and increase the accuracy and transparency between the teachers and the parents.

The Perfect Teacher and Parents Connection with the Perfect App

Over the next five years, the federal government will provide about 5 billion euros to all around 40,000 primary schools, secondary general education schools, and vocational schools to provide them with digital equipment such as broadband connections, W-LAN and devices. In my opinion, that is very good news.

But what does this support mean for our children, what opportunities arise from this and what are the challenges we face with “digital media in schools”? I get to the bottom of the matter in my new blog series. In Part one, you will learn more about the importance, opportunities and challenges of digital media in schools. With the right app that works both as the teacher’s app and parent’s app the connections are well made.

What exactly is “digital media in schools” about?

Digital transformation, work environment 4.0 or even digital media are on everyone’s lips. But at least they can imagine something concrete. Digital media offer schools the opportunity to process and consume multimedia and interactive content in a variety of ways. In addition, they provide numerous tools for communication and networked collaboration. Students not only engage more intensively with the learning content, they can also take advantage of individually tailored support. In addition, studies have shown that self-directed and problem-based learning is supported by digital media.

However, the school management app can also be processed in a completely different and interactive way. Textbook publishing groups have recognized that instead of using a CD, having their own app provides more opportunities to convey learning content. An own app for the textbook also offers the students more fun through their interactive elements and thus also more success in learning. It will now be followed by other textbooks of all ages and subjects, which will complement the print edition with additional digital content valuable. These examples are only part of what digital media can offer schools.

What opportunities do “digital media in schools” offer?

Of course, the focus here is again on the students. How do digital media affect students in schools? There is a great potential in that students can participate interactively in the classroom and take up the contents of the lesson more intensively. They get the chance to network and above all to work with the right equipment and to present their results in a vivid way using digital media. This expertise in networking is required in many professions today. Students are thus supported in project-oriented work.

Digital or “virtual” workspaces offer students different possibilities to exchange documents and to communicate more strongly with each other. Students learn media skills and responsible use of digital media in their guided interaction with teachers. Another positive effect is that students perceive the school and their private lives as less different, leading to a much higher motivation for the school in general.

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