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Things your child can learn while at home

We are not very accustomed to the term or rather the situation of Lockdown. It is that phase when every person irrespective of their age feels depressed mentally and also feels low health-wise. But the age group affected the most is the children. All the time around the clock they have to stay locked up at home. They can’t go out, meet friends, play with them, or even they can’t go to school. This time the parents can keep them engaged by teaching many things that will help them to build a better future.

Doing physical exercise daily: Doing some physical activity daily will engage them for some time every day. Not only this, doing physical activities will help them to build a good physique and will help in developing good Mental health.

Self Sanitization: Teach your child about self-hygiene. How to keep oneself clean and tidy, what are the precautionary measures that should be taken while going out? How to keep their living area clean and hygienic as it’s very much related to self-hygiene. Also teach them the proper way of washing their hands, taking bath and how to clean their clothes.

Arranging own things: This is the time when you can teach your child to arrange his/her own belongings and keep them in the proper place so that they can find them out easily at the time of need. This will make them organized in the future.

Reading storybooks: Books have always been best friends. They are not only a source of knowledge but also a source of spending quality time. Reading books helps to enhance vocabulary and improve concentration.

Helping parents in household work: When children grow up we often find parents complaining that their children are not at all ready to help them in household work. This is because we don’t teach them to do all these at an early age. If you teach them to do these from the very beginning they will learn to be independent in life. In the future, if they need to stay out of the house for higher studies, jobs, or anything else then they can easily manage their work.

Follow these tips to overcome the boredom of your child at the time of Lockdown.

Good upbringing of a child

In today’s scenario, one of the burning topics is the good upbringing of a child by his/her parents. This is one of the most essential and necessary things in a child’s life as it totally decides the future of the child and also how the child is going to bring impact to society. There are several steps which a parent must follow for the good upbringing of their child which are as follows:

Environment – It is really necessary for a parent to give their child a very neat and clean and healthy environment while growing up.

Habits – A parent must enrich or rather equip their child with good habits while upbringing as it will help them to learn good habits and be good people in the future. Some of the good habits include early wake-up, brushing of teeth, etc.

Manners – A parent while upbringing their child must enrich them with good manners as manners is a thing with which a human being grows and is very vital as it decides how much social and acceptable that person will be in the society he/she grows.

e-learningEducation – This is the most important thing a parent must impart to his child as through education a child not only develops the subjective knowledge but it is the tool when equipped to let a person know what is right or wrong and what direction they will walk so that he can become a successful person in life.

Society – This is another essential tool which a parent always emphasize while upbringing their child as the society where their child is growing up impart various learning, habits to the child and the task of the parents here is to filter the good things from there and impart in the child which will help as we know that there are both good and bad aspects but we need to filter the good and inject it for our well being.

Adjustability – This is a very essential tool which a parent must follow and emphasis while upbringing their child as a child must know to adjust them in every situation in life as life is no bed of roses but rather there will be many difficulties and obstacles and a person needs to adjust themselves in every possible way and continue the growing process.

These are some of the areas which are most essential and necessary and which every parent must emphasize and impart in their children for a good upbringing.

E-learning benefits in primary and secondary education

The education system and the trends of learning for students are changing or rather developing day by day. We cannot deny the fact that the education system is upgrading itself at a rapid rate to meet the present-day necessities. Among the many, the most adopted trends include the use of technology in the classroom which includes digital class or eLearning, use of educational apps, inquiry-based education, industrial interactivity, and many more.

Education is a continuous process. So why limit oneself to traditional classroom learning only. Technological advancement has made it possible for students to enjoy the power of eLearning. In simple words, we can define eLearning as Lectures or courses that are specifically delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the physical classroom.

eLearning benefits are too many to list down:

1. Your place, your pace, and often your time:

One can access the courses or lectures from anywhere in the world. There is no need to run to the physical classroom. Often these lectures can be stored or saved so that the students can view them at their own pace and convenience. These online classes also support interactive learning.

e-learning2.  Repetitive Learning:

Since these courses are stored ones, one can go through a particular subject or a particular topic as many times as he/she wants. So the difficult portions can be revised or can be gone through as many times as needed.

3.  Saves Time and Money:

As the courses can opt from any convenient location of the learner so there is no need to move and hence saves time. The student can use this saved time for other productive learning activities. As it is not necessary for the student to come to the physical classroom, so no conveyance cost is required. This way it saves money also.

4.  Distance Education:

Often it’s not possible for students to relocate for attending any particular course which is available in specific locations only. Through eLearning, this is made possible. Students can attend a course of this choice from any location. This way one can also opt for multiple courses needed parallelly.

5.  Limited Resources required:

For participating in eLearning students need to have very limited resources. An internet connection and a desktop, laptop, or mobile or any such device.

6.  No Chance of missing any Class:

Whatever adverse situation is created, there is no chance of missing an important class. In difficult situations in our surroundings, when it’s not possible to go out, then also one can sit at home and attend lectures, and on the other side, teachers can also take the online classes. Students can also opt for the option of viewing it later.

From the above points, it’s quite clear that eLearning goes a long way in building a student’s career and contributes a lot to the overall growth and enhancing his/her approach to life.

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